Wink from the movie HellBoy II 
1/3 scale, Resin cast painted and haired

Wink from the movie HellBoy II 
1/3 scale in MonsterClay

Smaug - round base version
Diameter of the base : 18CM.

Smaug - private commission
Size : 13 X 12 X 26CM.
Sculpted in Supersculpey and NSP

Venom - Wall Bust - resin casts available
1/3 scale 

Bregz the Hunter - Painted
1/6 scale

Bregz the Hunter
1/6 scale

Batman Bust
1/4 scale


Swampthing Bust - Cast available

Swampthing Bust

For our wedding, my wife and I decided to have an original display for the rings.

With some of casts of my own works and some resin skulls, I built the display and sculpted the organic material for join all pieces together.

All the photos are from Roger Lota, except those on my desk.

The famous tattooist Dimitri from Dimitri HK Studio and I did this awesome collaboration for an exposition about the art of the tattoo.

He asked to me for sculpt a dragon based on his works for add him on a model arm.

Dimitri painted the arm and the head to create the illusion what the tattoo came out of the arm.

It was a really fun experience. Thanks to Dimitri who gave me this chance to make this piece with him.